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General Information



Dora Lopes, Personnel Director

  • Non-routine academic personnel questions
  • Active Service Modified Duties requests, Leave requests
  • Guidance on policies and procedures related to academic and staff personnel matters

Esmeralda Martinez, Senior Academic Personnel Specialist

  • General academic personnel questions
  • Lead on Faculty Recruitment
  • Adjunct Professor Appointments
  • Academic Advancements

Josephine Vang, Academic Personnel Specialist

  • Lecturer Appointments
  • Visiting Professor Appointments
  • Academic Advancements

Sauci Xiong, Academic Personnel Specialist

  • Postdoctoral Scholar Appointments
  • Records Management
  • APM-025 Compliance
  • Academic Advancements 

Chris Meneses, Staff Personnel Specialist

  • Staff Hiring
  • Student Hiring
  • Research Appointments
  • Lead on Visitor Program
  • Liaison to UCM Human Resources Department
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