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Like lizards? Evolutionary biologist Danielle Edwards does. Dan’s lab looks at how the environment affects the evolution of reptiles, especially in arid regions hit hard by climate change.

Mark Sistrom is on a quest to examine how microbial populations change over space and time. His primary focus is on bacterial  and RNA virus populations.

Hate turbulence? Physicist Dustin Kleckner’s research into knotted fields in soft matter and fluid systems might one day help planes avoid the dreaded travel disturbance.

Faculty and Research

Research is the cornerstone of the School of Natural Sciences. We have innovative faculty members conducting interdisciplinary, groundbreaking research that will solve complex problems affecting California's San Joaquin Valley, the nation and the world. Students — as early as their first year — have opportunities to work right alongside them, sometimes even publishing in journals and presenting at conferences.

Our list of research strengths is long and includes climate change and ecology, renewable energy, water quality, resource management, stem cells, diabetes, cancer, air quality, Professor Andy LiWangbig-data analysis, and much more.

Our interdisciplinary research institutes allow affiliated faculty members to conduct even more in-depth investigations into a variety of scientific topics. Our collaborative research partnerships provide access to the best and brightest minds in the world. And as the newest campus in the venerable University of California system, we use the latest technologies in cutting-edge facilities to do it all.