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Post Award

Getting Started

The Principal Investigator (PI) is typically notified by the sponsoring agency that the proposal has been award along with the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO), who will then review the award document to assure that the terms are in compliance with UC policies or do not impede on the PI's ability to conduct the project. Once the award terms are acceptable, SPO will accept the award on behalf of the UC Regents.

Once SPO has accepted the award, the RA staff will request a full accounting unit (FAU) be created for this grant by Research Accounting Services (RAS). The FAU is the accounting string utilized by UC Merced for all financial transactions related to the grant.  

Rebudgeting Process

This is the process by which funds available for spending are reallocated between budget categories to allow best use of funds for accomplishing the projects goals.

If changes in the budget allocations may become necessary, the PI and Department Research Administrator (DRA) staff should review the terms and conditions of the award to determine if the sponsoring agency requires prior approval to any changes related to the awarded budget. Contact your DRA staff member who can assist you with the rebudgeting process.

Effort Reporting

Effort reporting is the method of certifying to the federal funding agencies that the effort required as a condition of the award has actually been completed. As required by the OMB Circular A-21, effort reporting requires certification of effort spent by all employees whose salaries are charged directly to federal funds, as well as for reporting committed cost sharing. 

More information regarding effort reporting can be found on the Research Accounting Services (RAS) website.

No Cost Extensions

A No Cost Extension is when additional time beyond the established expiration day of the project is required to assure adequate completion of the original scope of work within the funding already made available. If a PI requires a No Cost Extension, and it is allowable per the terms established with the funding agency, contact your DRA staff member who can assist you with requesting and initiating this process. 

Award Close Out Process

When a sponsored projects expires there are certain administrative processes that are required to ensure the closing of the award is done completely. The timeliness of the closeout process is important because it assures compliance with the terms and conditions of the award and accounts for the sound management of the award. Contact your DRA staff member who can assist you with the award close out process.