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Anna Beaudin

Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor
Science and Engineering 1 Building, Room 318
Lab Location: 
Science and Engineering 1 301
Ph.D., 2009 - Cornell University
M.Sc., 2003 - Brown University
B.A., 2000 - Cornell University
Research Interests: 

The Beaudin Lab is interested in how early life events program immunity and susceptibility to immune dysfunction across the lifespan. We approach this question by defining the developmental pathways by which hematopoietic or blood progenitors produce specialized immune cells during development, and how perturbation of fetal hematopoiesis shapes the trajectory of the immune system at the level of the hematopoietic stem cell.


Leung GA, Cool T, Valencia CH, Worthington A, Beaudin AE, Forsberg EC. (2019) The lymphoid-associated interleukin 7 receptor (IL-7R) regulates tissue resident macrophage development. bioRxiv. Pre-print.

Boyer SW, Rajendiran S, Beaudin AE, Perez-Cunningham J, Smith-Berdan S, Martin EW, Muthuswamy PK, Cheung C, Tsang H, Landon M, Forsberg EC. (2019) Clonal and quantitative in vivo assessment of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell differentiation. Stem Cell Reports. In press.

Beaudin AE, Boyer SW, Perez-Cunningham J, Hernandez GE, Derderian SC, Jujjavarapu C, Aaserude E, MacKenzie T, Forsberg EC. (2016) A Transient Developmental Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gives Rise to Innate-like B and T Cells. Cell Stem Cell. Dec 1;19(6):768-783. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2016.08.013. Epub 2016 Sep 22.


Molecular Cell Biology
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Biomed/Health Sciences
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