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Teamrat A. Ghezzehei

Professional Title: 
Associate Professor
(510) 681-3550
Science and Engineering 2 374
Lab Location: 
Science and Engineering 2 050
Ph.D., 2001 - Utah State University
B.S., 1995 - University of Asmara
Research Interests: 

Professor Ghezzehei's research interest is in the movement and transformation of mass and energy in porous media at a fundamental level, as well as their application to environmental- and energy-related problems. The scale of his interest ranges from sub-pore scale dynamics of water-gas interfaces to water flow and solute transport at scales of tens of meters. The scope of his research includes laboratory and field experiments, theory, and computational modeling.

Life and Environmental Sciences
Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Group: 
Environmental Sciences
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