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Awarding Staff Excellence, Commitment and Teamwork

The School of Natural Sciences staff are dedicated to providing support to faculty and students in their efforts of research and teaching. The Principles of Community are the shared values that each staff member follows in the execution of the work that they complete.

The School of Natural Sciences has three distinct awards it bestows annually in recognition of staff commitment and dedication to the university and the School of Natural Sciences. Nominations are solicited from the staff and faculty in the spring.

2017 Individual Staff Excellence Award

• Shannon Adamons, Curriculum Manager
• Christina Clayton, Purchasing Specialist
• Brandi Lambert, Administrative Assistant
• Dora Lopes, Director of Personnel
• Diego Molina, Purchasing Supervisor
• Paul Roberts, Director of Graduate Programs
• Joy Sanchez-Bell, Graduate Coordinator
• Josephine Vang, Academic Personnel Specialist
• Bobbi Ventura, Faculty Support Coordinator

Past award recipients:

2016 STAR Award

• Amy Moffat, Student and Program Assessment Manager

2016 Individual Staff Excellence Award

• Chelsea Arnold, Program Director of CalTeach
• Lolo Cardenas, Equipment and Inventory Manager
• Megan Fordon, Travel Specialist
• Amy Lou, Academic Advisor
• Esmeralda Martinez, Senior Academic Personnel Specialist
• Vanessa Sanchez, Reviewer Analyst

2016 TEAM Excellence Award

Graduate Student Programs
• Paul Roberts, Graduate Program Director
• Rita Guel, Programs Assistant
• Brandi Lambert, Administrative Assistant
• Joy Sanchez-Bell, Graduate Student Specialist
• Amanda Sargent, Graduate Student Specialist

2015 STAR Award

• Bobbi Ventura, Bylaw 55 Unit Administrative Specialist

2015 Individual Staff Excellence Award

• Becky Etheridge, Grants Manager
• Melissa Gil, Academic Resource Specialist
• Tom Martinez, Administrative Officer
• Paul Roberts, Graduate Programs Director
• Anthony Sali, Executive Assistant to the Dean
• Monica Sozinho, Events Coordinator

2015 Team Excellence Award

Academic Personnel Unit
• Dora Lopes, Academic Personnel Manager
• Esmeralda Martinez, Academic and Staff Personnel Specialist
• Gloria Del Toro, Academic Personnel Specialist
• Amanda Sargent, Academic Personnel Specialist

2014 STAR Award

• Karina Villegas, Business Services Manager

2014 TEAM Excellence Award

Undergraduate Advising Unit
• Erica Robbins, Director
• Rachel De Vera, Academic Advisor
• Kelly Van Zandt, Academic Advisor
• Amy Lou, Academic Advisor
• Sierra Long, Advising Programs Assistant