The Applied Mathematics emphasis explores the interfaces between math and engineering, humanities and the sciences.
Quantitative Systems Biology, like many of our programs, focuses on multidisciplinary research and training.
QSB lab
Our chemistry faculty and students study everything from how HIV targets cells to improving solar cell efficiencies.
Our physicists study condensed matter, atomic physics, molecular physics, solar energy science, nanoscience, soft matter and biophysics.
Our environmental systems scientists strive to develop a better understanding of our planet to improve its function and sustainability.

School of Natural Sciences

Advances in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics and physics promise solutions to many problems — from fighting disease to creating sustainable energy sources. The academic and research programs in the School of Natural Sciences create the environment for excellence in student achievement and cutting-edge research in the broad areas of life, physical and environmental sciences.

Life and Environmental SciencesApplied MathematicsPhysicsMolecular Cell BiologyChemistry and Chemical Biology