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Recent Faculty Grants

Michael Thompson. Collaborative Research: Mapping and comparing the link of the protein scaffold to quantum events in thermally activated enzymes and flavin-based photoreceptors. National Science Foundation.


Adeyemi Adebiyi. UC-Dust: Addressing Future Changes in California Dust Storms. UC San Diego. 


Christine Isborn. The California Interfacial Science Institute. UC Berkley.


Michael Findlater. Identifying New Catalysis for the Oligomerization of Ethylene. VEGH-Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC.


Gillian Wilson. UC Merced Climate Action Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub. University of California Office of the President.


Susan Ge. CAREER: Mechanistic studies of cilium proteins in cell signaling. National Science Foundation.


Sora Kim. CAREER: Shark Survivor! Interdisciplinary approaches to modern and paleobiology for research and education. National Science Foundation.


Suzanne Sindi. MCoRE: Math and Computer science Research Engagement. VNGK-Research!America Alliance.


Ryan Baxter. UV Degradation of Spinosad. VerdanTech Solutions, LLC.


David Strubbe. California Initiative for Solid-to-Plasma Dynamics for Fusion Energy.  University of California Office of the President.


Stephanie Woo. CAREER: Contact inhibition of locomotion as a positioning mechanism during endoderm morphogenesis. National Science Foundation.


Michael Findlater. The Center for Closing the Carbon Cycle (4C). UC Irvine.


Roummel Marcia. Machine Learning for Radiography Identification and Classification. Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC.


Shahar Sukenik. Biological Integration Institute: Life without water: protecting macromolecules, cells, and organisms during desiccation and rehydration across kingdoms of life. Carnegie Institution.


Anna Nierenberg. A definitive test of the dark matter paradigm on small scales. Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy-Aura.


Sora Kim. Planning Grant: Collaborative Research: The WinG Collective: An initiative to support Women of Color in the Geosciences National Science Foundation.


Emily Moran. Collaborative Research: Continent-wide forest recruitment change: the interactions between climate, habitat, and consumers. National Science Foundation.


Anna Nierenberg. Collaborative Proposal: Measuring the Physical Properties of Dark Matter with Strong Gravitational Lensing. National Science Foundation.


Jason Sexton. Collaborative Research: ORCC: Harnessing Adaptive Variation in Drought Resistance Strategies to Manage Populations Under Climate Change. National Science Foundation. 


Jessica Blois. Collaborative Research: Disciplinary Improvements: Past Global Change Research: Connecting Data Systems and Practitioners. National Science Foundation.


Suzanne Sindi. Learn, transfer, generate: Developing novel deep learning models for enhancing robustness and accuracy of small-scale single-cell RNA sequencing studies. National Institute of Health.


Maggie Sogin. BRC-BIO: Defining metabolic complementation within the sea anemone microbiome. National Science Foundation.


Erik Menke. CV-RISERS: Central Valley Region Interdisciplinary Science Education Research Symposium. National Science Foundation.


Asmeret Berhe. Collaborative Research: ADVANCE Partnership: Empowering scientists to transform workplace climate through the ADVANCEGeo community-based intervention program. National Science Foundation.


Anne Kelley. Resonance Raman polarization and high-energy excitonic states in semiconductor nanocrystals. National Science Foundation.


Kelly Shepardson. The role of IFNAR2 in regulation of damage during A. fumigatus lung infection. National Institute of Health. 


Jessica Blois. Collaborative Research: Leveraging the power of ecological modeling and functional ecology to understand spatio-temporal variation in community assembly through the late Quaternary. National Science Foundation.


Rebecca Ryals. Dublin Sports Park Compost Turfgrass Project. Alameda County Waste Management Authority.


Ramendra Saha. BAF complex inhibitors in neuronal development and functions. National Institute of Health.


Michael Findlater. Direct Conversion of Captured CO2 to Chemicals and Fuels. UC Davis.


Sora Kim. Anthropogenic Impacts on Leopard Shark (Triakis semifasciata) Ecology with Novel Applications of Stable Isotope Analysis. UC Sea Grant College Program.


Changho Kim. LEAPS-MPS: Stochastic Particle-Continuum Hybrid Simulation Method for Model Heterogeneous Catalysts under Reaction Conditions. National Science Foundation.


Ajay Gopinathan. Transport properties of nanofluidic systems based on 1D and 2D materials. Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC


Rudy M. Ortiz. U-RISE at UC Merced. National Institute of General Medical Science


Aurora Pribram-Jones. Reframing interaction in quantum mechanical ensembles and across chemistry learning communities. Research Corporation for Science Advancement.


Katrina Hoyer.Coccidioidomycosis: Granulomas and lung microenvironmental signals controlling infection. University of California, Office of the President.


Kinjal Dasbiswas. Multi-scale modeling of cell-matrix mechanical interactions in endothelial cell network assembly. National Science Foundation.


Teamrat Ghezzehei. Distributed Water and Fertilizer Delivery for Minimizing Nitrogen Losses by Leaching and Volatilization. California Department of Food and Agriculture.


Suzanne Sindi. Microbiota interactions with Coccidioides fungal pathogen. American Association of Immunologists. 


Xuecai Ge. CAREER: Mechanistic studies of cilium proteins in cell signaling. National Science Foundation. 


Brian Utter. Improving Student Success in Science and Mathematics through Mentoring and Research Engagement. National Science Foundation. 


Michael Findlater. Chemically Enhanced Electrodialysis (CEED) for Recovery of Rare Earth Elements. Texas Tech University. 


David Strubbe. CAREER: Exciton-phonon coupling in quantum materials: atomistic insight for defects and 2D materials. National Science Foundation. 


Fredrick Wolf. Presynaptic structure and function in ethanoyl tolerance development. National Institute of Health-Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. 


Maria Zoghbi. Production of human mitochondrial ABC transporters for structural and biochemical studies. National Institute of General Medical Science. 


Michael Findlater. CAREER: SusChEM: Iron catalysts for the reduction of Amides. National Science Foundation. 


Katrina Hoyer. Defining the state of CD8+ and CD4+ T cells and the effect of antibiotic treatment on chronic states of Coccidiodomycosis. National Institute of Health-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. 


Sarah Loebman. Simulating the life cycle of star clusters: from birth to death in a cosmological galactic context. National Science Foundation 


Aurora Pribram-Jones. Inverting the PDE’s for materials under extreme conditions with physics informed neural networks. Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf  


Xuan Zhang. Atmospheric Lifecycle of Highly Oxygenated Multifunctional Compounds. National Science Foundation.