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Dean Betsy Dumont, School of Natural Sciences

Dean of the School of Natural Sciences

Elizabeth (Betsy) Dumont joined UC Merced as Dean of the School of Natural Sciences in August 2017 and is a Professor in the Life and Environmental Sciences department.

Previously, she served as vice provost for academic affairs and professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Dumont and her lab members study links between anatomy, behavior, ecology and biomechanics in the diversification of vertebrates. Most of her work focusses on neotropical leaf-nosed bats, but she has also published studies of birds, fishes, carnivorans, primates, moles and marsupials. 

Dumont received her bachelor's degree with honors in anthropology from the Indiana University Bloomington and her Ph.D. in physical anthropology from Stony Brook University in New York.


Elizabeth R. Dumont | Dean

Michael Colvin | Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Angie Salinas | Assistant Dean for Student Support

Ernie Costello | Senior Assistant Dean and Chief of Finance and Operations



Suzanne Sindi | Applied Mathematics

Hrant Hratchian | Chemistry and Biochemistry

Teamrat Ghezzehei | Life & Environmental Sciences

Jennifer O. Manilay | Molecular Cell Biology

Ajay Gopinathan | Physics



Gordon Bennett | Biology



Roummel Marcia | Applied Mathematics 

Christine Isborn | Chemistry and Biochemistry

Martha Conklin | Environmental Systems

Chris Amemiya | Quantitative and Systems Biology

Chih-Chun Chien | Physics



Harish Bhat | Chair 

Dave Ardell | Vice Chair

Chrysoula Tsogka | Applied Mathematics Representative

Aurora Pribram-Jones | Chemistry and Biochemistry Representative

Emily Moran | Life & Environmental Sciences Representative

Lin Tian | Physics Representative

Michele Nishiguchi | Molecular and Cell Biology Representative



Whitney Williams | Chair/Dean's Office

Mariah Gonsalez | Faculty Support

Josephine Vang | Personnel

Chee Lee | Personnel

Vivian Saephan | Instruction and Curriculum Support

Jenn Souza | Undergraduate Student Support

Nancy Vue | EXCEL!/Undergraduate Student Support