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Natural Sciences Education Minor

About the Minor

The Natural Sciences Education (NSED) minor is designed to prepare UC Merced students for admission to the teacher credential program or pursue graduate studies in education. Students who complete the coursework and the fieldwork associated with this program can be eligible for admission to the teacher credential programs at many local institutions. Additional support and resources for students interested in teaching careers are available through the Science and Mathematics Initiative (SMI) program with the School of Natural Sciences.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the NSED minor program, students are expected to:

  1. Be able to comprehensively articulate what constitutes a profession of a science or mathematics teacher and to demonstrate familiarity with the structure of the California K‐ 12 educational system, including being able to address the following:

    a. Identify what constitutes the responsibilities and duties of a teacher.

    b. Identify what skills and knowledge are necessary to become a successful professional.

    c. Credentialing process in the State of California.

    d. Location of the instructional state standards and requirements for K‐12 education.

    e. Introduction to strategies to address diverse demographics of California schools such as instruction to English Learners.

  2. Demonstrate basic teaching skills and familiarity with effective teaching methodologies and learning strategies in science and mathematics, including being able to:

    a. Develop a lesson plan and deliver an effective lesson at the primary or secondary school level.

    b. Have the basic understanding the existence of different types of assessments to evaluate students learning in the K‐12 environment.

    c. Have a foundational ability to distinguish between students with different learning abilities and needs and adapt their teaching methodology to address this diversity.

    d. Have a basic understanding of the existence of innovative teaching methodologies and to use learning‐enhancing technology and how they can be incorporate in the classroom.

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Information regarding the requirements for the Natural Sciences Education minor can be found here.

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