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Common Orders

Common Orders 

Unlike chemical or live animal orders, common orders do not require supplemental approvals or other items which may cause delay. Common orders include (but are not limited to) orders for general supplies, research equipment, publications, FedEx labels, software orders, business cards and phones.

Click here to learn more about the process for common orders. 

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General (Office & Lab Supplies, FedEx Labels, Publication payments)

Let our team help with the procurement of your:

  • Research supplies (tubes, beakers, dishes, small instruments etc.)
  • Desk supplies
  • Computers and research equipment
  • Fedex Labels
  • Print services for research materials
  • Publication payments

Equipment Maintenance 

Is your lab equipment in need of repair? Our procurement specialists can assist you with generating payment for the maintenance and repair of on-site or off-site equipment. 

Click here for more information about maintenance requests ** Coming soon! **

Software, Business Cards and Phones 

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