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Travel and Reimbursements

Travel and Reimbursement Services

The Natural Sciences Travel Team is at your service to help with all of your pre- and post-travel needs. We provide a wide array of support ranging from conference and hotel registrations to business-related travel and entertainment reimbursements. Our team also provides guidance and clarification on related UC policies. We focus on the necessary administrative functions so that our customers may continue to support and perform the cutting edge research that positions the School of Natural Sciences at the forefront of innovation. 

Let us help you with: 

  • Conference registrations
  • Prepaid airfare or Pre-Travel Authorization (PTA) requests
  • Rental cars
  • Hotel bookings
  • Travel reimbursements through the Finance Suite
  • Invoicing outside organizations
  • Entertainment reimbursements

Have a question? Email us at We are very happy to give you a status update, answer your questions or listen to your suggestions!