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Finance Suite Reimbursement System

The School of Natural Sciences is proud that our entire reimbursement system is facilitated in a paperless environment. We have developed Finance Suite as an intuitive and on-the-go application that allows users the ability to keep track of their expenses in real time.

Finance Suite (FS) also helps to avoid the administrative hassle of storing and submitting paper receipts. With FS, your phone’s camera can also double as your document scanner. Upload a legible photo image of your receipt and you won't have to worry about keeping track of receipts that can fade or get lost!

Once submitted, travelers can track the current status of their reimbursement request and will be contacted through Finance Suite with any follow-up requests. Travelers will receive an email notification as the request transitions to each stage or when a comment has been sent requesting more information. Be sure to check Finance Suite often!

Click here for general Finance Suite user instructions.