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Finance Suite Troubleshooting:




Requestor cannot edit/remove items

Add a new item.          

Finance Suite requests sometimes lock and do not allow users to edit or delete items from their request. To unlock your request, simply add a new item. Users will then be able to add, edit or delete lines as appropriate.

Account owner wants to split expenses across multiple accounts 

Use the comments section.          

Select one account from your drop down menu and use the comments section to indicate the 2nd (or subsequent) account(s) you wish you use. You may split by specific amount or by percentage.

Host is unable to transition (approve or deny) a request from their queue.


The request will need to be unlocked manually by The School of Natural Sciences. 

Requestor is unable to find the appropriate reimbursement type

Use type "other" for all reimbursement types not listed. 

Requestors can utilize type other for any reimbursable item which is not specifically listed in the drop down menu. This includes: 
- Entertainment items
- General reimbursement items

Be sure to include a detailed description of the item to avoid potential delays in your reimbursement.