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Did You Hear?

A lot happened this are just a few of our faculty's achievements




Hrant Hratchian

CAREER: Development of Efficient Spin Projection Models for Applications to Transition Metal Catalysis

National Science Foundation


Kirk Jensen

Using the Collaborative Cross to Discover New Requirements for Vaccine-Induced Immunity to T. gondii

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - National Institute of Health


Arnold Kim

RTG: Data- Intensive Research and Computing at the University of California, Merced

National Science Foundation


Peggy O’Day

Integrated science and management of nutrient, salt, and mercury export from San Joaquin River wetland tributaries to the Delta

California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Christine Isborn

Support of a 2019 Summer School and Workshop focused on Theory and Applications of Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory

Department of Energy Office of Science/Office of Basic Energy Sciences


Rebecca Ryals

Alameda County Rangeland Compost Addition Trial: Evaluating a one-time high application rate on slopes ranging from 15-35%

Alameda County Resource Conservation District


Frederick Wolf

Ethanol Rewiring of Neural Connections for Simple Behavioral Plasticity in Drosophila.

Research Society on Alcoholism


Chris Amemiya

SitC Workshop

American Association for the Advancement of Science


Katrina Hoyer

Valley Fever Research Summit

National Science Foundation


Emily Moran

Collaborative Research: The Risks of Safety: Xylem Anatomy and Tradeoffs Between Reproduction, Growth, and Drought Survival in Conifers

National Science Foundation


Clarissa Nobile

Genetic Regulation of Antifungal Drug Resistance in Candida Albicans

Dental and Craniofacial Research – National Institute of NIDCR


Noemi Petra

Development of Analytical Secant quasi-Newton Formulas in Infinite-Dimentional Spaces

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC




Andy LiWang appointed to NIH Macromolecular Structure and Function B Study Section for Scientific Review.


Clarissa Nobile named Kamangar Family Chair in Biological Sciences.





Jennifer O. Manilay, co-author. The role of the von-Hippel Lindau gene in osteocytes on B lymphocyte maturation and activation. The Journal of Immunology.


Roummel Marcia, co-author and Suzanne Sindi, senior author. Detecting inherited and novel structural variants in low-coverage parent-child sequencing data. Methods.


Ajay Gopinathan, co-author and Linda Hirst, senior author. Membrane mediated motor kinetics in microtubule gliding assays. Scientific Reports.


Kevin A. Mitchell, co-author and Linda S. Hirst, senior author. Topological chaos in active nematics. Nature Physics.



Suzanne Sindi, co-author and Jennifer O. Manilay, senior author. Predicting natural killer cell behavior with mathematical models. Journal of Immunology.


Gabriela Loots, co-author and Jennifer Manilay, senior author. Sclerostin depletion may induce inflammation in the bone marrow. Journal of Immunology.


Rudy M. Ortiz, senior author. Almond snacking for 8 weeks increases alpha-diversity of the gastrointestinal microbiome and decreases bacteroides fragilis abundance compared to an Isocaloric snack in college freshmen. Current Developments in Nutrition.


Gabriela G. Loots, senior author. RNA-seq comparisons of in vitro and in vivo cancer model platforms: Monolayer, spheroids, immunodeficient, and syngeneic mouse model. Proceedings: AACR Annual Meeting.


Gabriela G. Loots, senior author. Comparison of exosomes shed by breast cancer cell lines with varying metastatic potential. Proceedings: AACR Annual Meeting.


Gabriela G. Loots, senior author. Characterization of the tumor microenvironment using single cell transcriptomics of triple negative breast cancer allografts treated with doxorubicin. Proceedings: AACR Annual Meeting.


Peggy A. O’Day, co-author. Gibbsite (100) and kaolinite (100) sorption of cadmium(II): A Density Functional Theory and XANES study of structures and energies, Journal of Physical Chemistry A.


Elizabeth R. Dumont, senior author. Morphological diversification under high integration in a hyper diverse mammal clade. Journal of Mammalian Evolution.


Asmeret Asefaw Berhe and Stephen C. Hart, co-authors. Global ecology predictors of the soil priming effect. Nature Communications.


Stephen C. Hart, co-author. Genetic variation in tree leaf chemistry predicts the abundance and activity of autotrophic soil microorganisms. Ecosphere.


Kinjal Dasbiswas, first author. Registry kinetics of myosin motor stacks driven by mechanical force-induced actin turnover. Biophysical Journal.


Michael N. Dawson, senior author. Slow publishing in the age of ‘fast-food’. Frontiers of Biogeography.


Petra Kranzfelder, first author and Marcos E. Garcia-Ojeda, co-author. The classroom discourse observation protocol (CDOP): a quantitative method for characterizing teacher discourse moves in undergraduate STEM learning environments. PLOS ONE.


Ramendra Nath Saha, co-author. Epigenetic effects of polybrominated diphenyl ethers on human health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.


David Ardell, co-author. Prediction of regulatory targets of alternative isofprms of the epidermal growth factor receptor in a glioblastoma cell line. BMC Bioinformatics.


Chris T. Amemiya, co-author. Structural characterization of the buccal mass of Ariolimax californicus (Gasttropoda: Stylommatophora). PLOS: ONE.


Rudy M. Ortiz, senior author. Systolic blood pressure is maintained despite varying degrees of acute caloric restriction and sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibition in obese, insulin resistant rats. Hypertension.



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