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Undergraduate Words of Wisdom

A soon-to-be Biological Sciences graduate shares thoughts about her time at UC Merced


SNS Undergraduate, Whitney Williams

SNS Undergraduate, Whitney Williams


Thinking back over the past four years, and to the future with graduation approaching, I can only think to describe the University of California, Merced as home. I feel honored to have attended this small, top tier university where there isn’t a large struggle to connect with faculty and professors, and where a majority of undergraduates have the opportunity to join research labs and gain those priceless experiences paving the future in academia. These are things you wouldn't find so common at one of our eight fellow universities. We are special here at UC Merced, we are a community, and we are growing.


I believe that during my years here growing alongside UC Merced, I have absolutely become a part of something larger than myself. UC Merced has given me a sense of belonging and confidence that my future will be secure in whatever I might choose thanks to the tools given to me by this university. I will not let myself fail, and I think I can speak for the entire class of 2019 and say that we will not let ourselves fail. We have the drive and perseverance that got us to this point, Commencement, and we will not stop here.


Thank you to the faculty, staff, and teaching assistants for being such inspiring mentors and molding the Class of 2019’s experiences here into something incredible. We have graduates doing amazing things in the near future and I am very proud of my class and community. The University of California, Merced will always hold a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to come back as an alumnus and give back to the students what was given to me, love, confidence, and a will to succeed.


A sincere thank you to the administration, faculty, teaching assistants, and all staff of the University of California, Merced.


Whitney Williams

Class of 2019