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Applied Mathematics Seminar 291 (10/12/18)

October 12, 2018 - 3:00pm

Mark Hoefer, University of Colorado, Boulder


Dispersive hydrodynamics—modeled by hyperbolic conservation laws with dispersive perturbation—has emerged as a unified mathematical framework for the description of multiscale nonlinear wave phenomena in dispersive media and accurately describes a plethora of physical systems.  This talk will be a tour through some recent mathematical and experimental results in this growing field of research.  Parallels and analogies to classical hydrodynamics will be presented such as the generation of shock waves subject to appropriate regularization and their description in terms of characteristics. In contrast, from the existence of expansion shocks to the generation of dissipative shock waves in a conservative medium, dispersive regularization also leads to a number of counterintuitive, perhaps bizarre, effects, which will also be described. To hopefully keep you entertained, this tour will include lots of video and animations of in-house experiments and simulations.

Flyer File: hoefer_mark_amat_flyer.pdf