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Applied Mathematics Seminar Series 291 (3/24/17)

March 24, 2017 - 10:00pm

Applied Mathematics Seminar Series 291 (3/24/17)

Vrushali Bokil, Oregon State University


In this talk, we present the construction of a numerical method for time domain electromagnetic wave propagation in linear dispersive media based on an optimization procedure called M-adaptation. The dispersive effects are captured by appending to Maxwell's equations ordinary differential equations in time for the evolution of the polarization or magnetization in the materials. These differential equations model material responses to the incident electric and magnetic fields, such as relaxation or resonance processes. The M-adaptation technique is based on the idea of numerical dispersion minimization and results in a method with fourth order numerical dispersion error. This is joint work with Nathan Gibson in the department of Mathematics at Oregon State University, Vitaliy Gyrya in the Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics group at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Duncan McGregor in the Computational Multiphysics group at Sandia National Laboratory.

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Boaz Ilan
Associate Professor
School of Natural Sciences, Applied Mathematics