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Physics Colloquia 293 (8/31/18)

August 31, 2018 - 10:30am

Florian Berger, Rockefeller University


Our sense of hearing has four remarkable characteristics: amplification, frequency selectivity, nonlinear compression, and otoacoustic emissions-pure tones emitted from our ears. These cardinal features must stem from an active process, because no passive system at equilibrium could account for such phenomena. Research over the last decades has suggested that this activity stems from a complex interplay between the transduction channels and the adaptation motor powered by myosin molecules. To better understand the motor's remarkable function, we introduce a theoretical description of myosin's chemomechanical cycle based on experimental data from recent single-molecule studies. By combining findings on different s:ratial scales in a consistent manner, mathematical descriptions hefp us understana how physiologically relevant function is determined by the interplay of molecular components. 

Flyer File: berger_florian_physics_flyer.pdf