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Physics Seminar Series 293 (2/10/17)

February 10, 2017 - 6:30pm

Physics Seminar Series 293 (2/10/17)

Gergely Zimanyi, University of California, Davis


Recent research on nanoparticle solar cells will be reviewed. First, various implementations of the exciting downconversion mechanism of carrier multiplication will be reviewed. Second, a new paradigm will be proposed to further boost the energy conversion efficiency, the implementation of the leading up conversion mechanism called intermediate band mechanism. It will be argued that recent experiments by the Los Alamos group have brought this implementation tantalizingly close. Finally, the charge transport in nanoparticle systems will be analyzed. An atoms-to-devices hierarchical model has been developed to simulate transport. A quantitative agreement with FET transport experiments will be demonstrated. Then the metal-insulator transition will be analyzed. Time permitting, percolation and commensuration effects will be discussed as well.

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Classroom and Office Building 267

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David Strubbe
Assistant Professor
School of Natural Sciences, Physics