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QSB Seminar Series 10/14/16

October 14, 2016 - 8:30pm

QSB Seminar Series 10/14/16

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Elsa Cleland, University of California, San Diego


Accumulating evidence suggests that exotic plant species in many areas have phenology that is distinct from native species. For example, the native shrub-dominated communities of Southern California are becoming increasingly invaded by exotic annual grasses which germinate earlier in the growing season, and under a wider set of environmental conditions, than their native counterparts. This seminar will summarize work showing the costs and benefits of early phenology for both native and invading species, as well as consequences of these invasions for community assembly, and ecosystem responses to environmental changes such as drought. 


Classroom and Office Building 267

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Jason Sexton
Assistant Professor
School of Natural Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences