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QSB Seminar Series (4/5/19)

April 5, 2019 - 1:30pm

Kathryn Milligan-Myhre, University of Alaska


Tiny microbes play a huge role in keeping their hosts healthy. In turn, the host controls which microbes are able to thrive in and on the host. Both of these processes are influenced by the host genes, which can control the interplay between the microbes and their hosts at several levels. To determine the role that host genes play on host-microbe interactions, Dr. Milligan-Myhre has adapted the well-described evolutionary model organism, threespine stickleback fish, for host-microbe interaction studies. Her lab has focused on determining how different populations of hosts respond to changes in the microbiota, and how the immune system of different populations of host respond to microbes. In addition, she will discuss the challenges of being a woman of color in STEM, and give advice for how to maintain a balance between pursuing Western Science while maintaining cultural identity.

Flyer File: kat_myhre_qsb_flyer.pdf