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W-Stem Panel Event 9/9/16

September 9, 2016 - 10:00pm

W-Stem Panel Event 9/9/16

Panel Flyer

Professor Linqing Wen, University of Western Australia


Prof. Wen is a professor of physics in the Department of Physics at The University of Western Australia. She completed her PhD at MIT in 2001 and has a long list of impressive grants and awards to her name, including an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. Her research interests include gravitation wave detection, supercomputing, astronomy and astrophysics. She also has a strong interest in promoting women in the physical sciences. She is currently visiting the US to be involved in the Calteach Program – an initiative of the University of California to work with CA teachers to develop STEM education. This panel will be useful to all either in or interested in a career in research in the physical or life sciences. Prof. Wen will also be able to provide valuable insights into STEM education. 


Classroom and Office Building 105

Contact Information

Lin Tian
Associate Professor
School of Natural Sciences, Physics