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Instruction & Curriculum Support


The SNS Instructional and Curriculum Support unit provides support for the faculty, instructors and administration in achieving excellence in instruction. The unit strives to maintain successful learning environments in a welcoming atmosphere for a diverse campus and the greater community. 


The Instructional and Curriculum Support unit provides the following services: 

  • Coordination and scheduling of courses offered by the School of Natural Sciences each semester.
  • Determines the need to hire additional instructors to teach courses approved by the faculty.
  • Provides instructional resources and support to ensure instructors have appropriate access to course related materials for the term of instruction.
  • Supports the faculty in the administrative processing of course request forms to add/modify undergraduate and graduate courses.


Schedule Related

Course Request/Modification Forms (CRF)



Shannon Adamson, Curriculum Manager | (209) 228-4776
Science and Engineering 1 Building, 371D

Shannon is responsible for the oversight of instructional and curriculum planning and the coordination of course offerings each semester.


Melissa Gil, Academic Resources Specialist
Science and Engineering 1 Building, 370

Melissa is responsible for provide support to instructors with resources, including course books, instructional materials each semester. Melissa can also assist in scheduling space for office hours.