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Samuel J. Traina

Samuel J. Traina
Professional Title: 
Professor and Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
(209) 228-7964
Science and Engineering 2 147
Ph.D., 1983 - University of California, Berkeley
B.S., 1978 - University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: 

Using a wide range of analytical methods (infra-red spectroscopy, electron microsocpy, x-ray absorption spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy), Professor Traina's group studies:

  • Chemical transformations of pollutants in soils, surface and ground water
  • Linkages between chemical form or speciation of particular pollutants and their relative toxicities in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • Roles of geoparticle surfaces and bacteria in pollutant fate

Current projects include the study of:

  • Contaminants at Department of Energy waste sites (Cr, Pu and U)
  • Role of Fe(II) and HSe- in transformations of nitroaromatic pesticides in wetlands
  • Fate of pharmaceuticals in the surface waters of National Parks