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Stephanie Woo

Stephanie Woo
Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology
(209) 228-4030
Science and Engineering 1 Building, Room 348
Lab Location: 
Science and Engineering 1 Building, Room 343-01
Ph.D., 2007, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Research Interests: 

The Woo Lab is interested in how dynamic cellular processes such as cell migration and cell adhesion contribute to the formation of the gastrointestinal epithelium, using the zebrafish embryo as our model system. We are also interested in developing new tools to study in vivo cell biology.


Woo, S, Housley, MP, Weiner, OD, and Stainier DYR (2012) Nodal signaling regulates endodermal cell motility and actin dynamics via Rac1 and Prex1. J. Cell Biol. 198(5): 941- 952.

Reade, A, Motta-Mena, LB, Gardner, KH, Stainier, DY, Weiner, OD, and Woo, S (2017) TAEL: a zebrafish-optimized optogenetic gene expression system with fine spatial and temporal control. Development. 144(2): 345-355. 

Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Group: 
Biomed/Health Sciences