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Immunology and Infectious Disease

Patricia LiWang
  • Biochemistry and biophysics
  • Structural biology of chemokines
  • Applications to HIV and inflammatory diseases
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Jennifer O. Manilay
Associate Professor

Professor Manilay is a developmental immunologist, with research interest in the mechanisms that control cell fate decisions in the immune system. Her current topic of study is the development of T lymphocytes, important components of immune defense against pathogens.
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Katrina Hoyer Katrina Hoyer
Assistant Professor

Immunological tolerance and autoimmune disease

Cellular and molecular interplay between lymphocytes and dendritic cells
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Clarissa J. Nobile Clarissa Nobile
Assistant Professor

Professor Nobile's research is directed toward understanding the molecular and mechanistic basis of microbial communities. Her lab is interested in investigating how transcriptional networks underlie the regulation of gene expression during biofilm development. Much of this work is carried out in the species Candida albicans, the most prevalent fungal pathogen of humans. The lab is also beginning to study interspecies interactions between different fungal and bacterial species. Questions that the lab is currently pursuing include: How are microbial communities regulated? How are microbial communities built? How are their unique and specialized properties maintained? How have microbial communities evolved?
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Kirk Jensen Kirk Jensen
Assistant Professor
  • Parasite pathogenesis and immunology
  • How Toxoplasma virulence factors manipulate host immune responses
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Anna Beaudin
Assistant Professor

Defining immune development from discrete hematopoietic progenitors

Specification and function of developmentally-restricted immune cells

Long-term impact of developmental perturbation on immune function and disease susceptibility
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