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Step 1:

1.     Log on to Granada Ordering System

2.     Log on with your UCM log on

3.     If this is your first time please notify the Financial and Administrative Operations ( to have your account information updated in the system

Step 2:

1. Click on “Order Systems”

a.    Delegating purchasing authority to lab staff on your accounts: By clicking on “Create order controller/order submitter relationship”

2.     Click on “Create FEDEX or Create PRAXAIR ORDER”

a.    In order to flag FedEx or Praxair orders

i.     Click on “Create FEDEX Label Only”  - FedEx Label request (FedEx normally pick up are at 2pm)

ii.     Click on “Create PRAXAIR ORDER only” - Praxair request (ex. Liquid Nitrogen) Delivers Monday & Thursday

3.     All other orders Click on “Create new Order

a.     Valid/active Accounts will be listed on the drop down

b.    Vendor information will help purchasers order the correct items

i.     Vendor contact information is not required, but helpful

c.     Add vendor to list (will add the vendor to your queue for future orders)

d.    Order Supply Type will help purchasers identify what is being ordered

e.    Comment Field – highly recommended –comments are flag on the purchasers end (ex. Please purchase from specific vendor listed or order cost will be slip with another PI)

f.      Click “Submit”

Step 3:

4.     Able to attached PDF Quotes or other documents

5.     Order Lines: (if there is a link for the order that can be copied on the description field)

6.     Once you are done editing your order – Click “Order System” on the left hand side

Step 4:

7.     Click on “List My Current Orders”

8.     To edit Click “Requisition #”

9.     Click on “In_Process” to approve order

a.    Click “Submit with Approval”

Step 5:

10.  To know if your order is successfully entered Click on “List My Current Order”

a.    Order Status should be listed as “Approved”