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5 Year Academic Plan-School of Natural Sciences

Over the next decade, the School of Natural Sciences aims to achieve visionary goals that have been established by both UC Merced’s senior leadership as well as the SNS Dean together with the faculty and staff leadership. These goals cover all aspects of the School’s success, including significant growth in our undergraduate majors, expanding the size and extramural funding base for our graduate programs, increasing equity and inclusion in our research and academic programs, raising national and international recognition of our faculty, increasing research funding, improving retention and post-graduate success of our undergraduate and graduate students, and building strong synergistic links to our community.


We aim to achieve these milestones during challenging times when the campus budgets will be under pressure and there will be increased competition for students and faculty. Therefore, to reach these milestones in the face of challenges, we have organized our plan into nine visionary strategic initiatives that motivate the energies and creativity of our faculty and staff. During the past two months six task forces, as well as the school’s senior leadership have identified a set of action items to begin progress in each of these strategic initiatives. The school’s faculty and staff have put extensive effort into this process, and these action items have been reviewed in multiple venues by faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs. Click here to view the full Academic Plan.


This website will act as a source of information and updates as we continue into the next phase of our planning.




Through innovative, multidisciplinary approaches, we advance the frontiers of science and educate the workforce of the future while embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.



Be a world-class research campus that provides exceptional and equitable STEM education and establishes the Central Valley as a hub for integrative, transformative and translational research and sustainable development.



Summer 2023: Strategic Initiative Action Items Accomplished during 2022-2023

Summer 2022: Strategic Initiative Action Items Accomplished during 2021-2022

5/15/21: Our 5-year academic plan was submitted to campus administration



9/17/21: meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee 

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