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Travel and Entertainment Reimbursements

Have you made a purchase on behalf of the University? You are entitled to a reimbursement for all of your personally incurred business expenses. Examples of reimbursable expenses include:

  • Registration costs and other fees for attending business functions
  • Lodging, meals and transportation costs incurred while on travel
  • Research equipment and supplies purchased directly from vendors
  • Refreshments for a lab or research meeting or other University event
  • Meals purchased on behalf of official University guests or group members

All reimbursement requests must be submitted through the Finance Suite Reimbursement System.

Learn more about the reimbursement process here 

Travel Reimbursements

Have you gone to a business or research conference? Did you visit a field site? You can request a reimbursement for:

  • Conference registrations fees
  • Rental cars & associated gas OR personal vehicle mileage
  • Airfare 
  • Trains, taxis and shuttles (or other economical modes of transportation)
  • Parking costs
  • Lodging
  • Personal meals and sustenance
  • Business expenses incurred while on travel such as printing, on-site registrations, foreign government fees

Keep in mind that all travel expenses will only be reimbursed once the trip is complete. This includes airfare and registration fees which often must be paid well in advance of the trip. If personal prepayment presents a hardship, our team may be able to help prepay for your airfare and registration!

2016 Travel and Entertainment Meal Rates

Entertainment Reimbursements

Have you hosted an official University guest? Did you meet with collaborator? Did you organize a research, lab or other collaborative meeting? Your entertainment expenses (including meals, refreshments and other related business expenses) are reimbursable provided there is a proper business justification and supporting documentation. 

If you do not control the University account which will be used for reimbursement be sure to obtain prior approval for all entertainment expenses. 

Unlike travel reimbursement requests, entertainment reimbursement requests can be submitted in Finance Suite immediately after the expense has occurred. 

General Reimbursements

A general reimbursement is a reimbursement for a business expense which would have normally been purchased by our business team using University funds but instead has been purchased by an individual using personal funds.

When possible, your orders should be processed by our Purchasing Team to ensure policy compliance and to obtain special perks and advantages through UC contracted vendors. However, we understand that our team cannot always accommodate your business purchasing needs. If you need:

  • to make a purchase after our business hours or during campus closure
  • to perform a physical or in-store inspection prior to purchasing
  • your item immediately

you can purchase your item using personal funds and request a general reimbursement in Finance SuiteGeneral reimbursement requests can be submitted immediately after the expense has been incurred. Important: reimbursements are approved at the discretion of the account owner. If you are not an account owner and purchase an item using personal funds, a reimbursement is not guaranteed. Be sure to seek prior approval from an account owner for all personally incurred expenses. 

If your reimbursement request is more than $500, an Unauthorized Purchase form(formerly: “After-the-Fact” form) is required and should be submitted with your Finance Suite request.  Click here to download the form.


Sign into Finance Suite today to begin your reimbursement request!