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Faculty Support Services

Services Provided

Space Allocation

  • Maintain space assignment data and communicate with the space planning office
  • Manage CatCard access and key distribution
  • Facilitate reconfigurations of office spaces

Physical Space Management

  • Coordinate renovations and relocations of labs
  • Manage, maintain and track all SNS asset equipment
  • Maintain lab equipment compliance with Environmental Health & Safety

Administrative Support

  • Assist with unit-specific budgeting and financial¬† management of unit funds
  • Handle unit business services such as procurement, travel, reimbursement, and other logistical items
  • Attend and support academic unit meetings including minutes preparation and academic personnel case presentation write-ups
  • Coordinate unit-organized events as well as staff/faculty networking events

Administrative Team

Annette Garcia, Assistant Dean for Faculty Support

  • Oversees all faculty support units including Personnel Office, Financial & Administrative Operations, Instructional Labs, Research Administration, and Faculty Support; 30 direct reports
  • Directly responsible for space planning and management including space assignments and facilitating renovation projects

Lolo Cardenas, Research Space Manager

  • Manages inventorial equipment including coordination of repairs as needed
  • Maintains research space metrics and layouts for SNS faculty
  • Supports research lab renovation and relocation projects

Bobbi Ventura, Faculty Support Coordinator

  • Coordinates the provision of administrative and business services to faculty, primarily focusing on academic unit support and some graduate group support
  • Manages key and CatCard access to SNS buildings and spaces through close coordination with the campus locksmith
  • Involved in management of office and desk space assignments for lecturers, postdocs and graduate students
  • Development and troubleshooting of SNS space database
  • Supervises the faculty support specialist and two student assistants

Jasmin Hinojosa, Faculty Support Specialist

  • Provides direct business and administrative support to SNS faculty, primarily focused on academic unit business and leadership and limited support to graduate groups
  • Provides administrative support to faculty support unit including space database development and upkeep
  • Provides other administrative and clerical support to faculty support unit staff and faculty as needed
  • Special projects such as staff development webinars in coordination with SNS Personnel Office


The faculty support team staff are located in the SNS Dean's Suite in SE1, 370.


The Faculty Support Unit facilitates administrative and business services for faculty in their governance and physical space needs in the School of Natural Sciences, in order to promote success in faculty research and teaching.