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Faculty Awards and Fellowships

Our distinguished faculty members are regularly recognized with highly prestigious awards and fellowships at all levels.

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe

Director of the Office of Science at

the US Department of Energy, 

American Geophysical Union's Joanne

Simpson Medal for Mid Career

Scientists and Fellow of the

Geological Society of America

Juan Meza 

Fellow, American Mathematical






Chris Amemiya

Fellow, American Association for

the Advancement of Science





Anne Kelley

Fellow, Optical Society of






Sora Kim

Emerging Scholar

Diverse Issues in Higher Education


Linda Hirst

Fellow, American Physical Society

and Recipient of British Liquid

Crystal Society's C. Hilsum Medal

Andy LiWang

Fellow, American Academy of



Ajay Gopinathan 

Fellow, American Physical



National Science Foundation

CAREER Award Winners

Dustin Kleckner


Noemi Petra


Jessica Blois


Lin Tian


Hrant Hratchian


Sayantani Ghosh


Xuecai Ge


Asmeret Asefaw Berhe


Bin Liu


John (Mike) Beman


Ryan Baxter


Kevin Mitchell


Linda Hirst


David Strubbe


Michael Findlater


Stephanie Woo