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Shared Governance

Executive Committee

The School of Natural Sciences executive committee is the elected body of faculty members who represent the School of Natural Sciences at the Merced Division of the Academic Senate. 

Academic Departments

The School of Natural Sciences formed Academic Departments to oversee academic personnel actions such as faculty recruitment, appointments, and advancements; to coordinate input from faculty for strategic planning and resources; to facilitate the dean's prioritization for the annual campus budget call; and to foster excellent research, support graduate education and deliver undergraduate education in the following disciplines:

Graduate Groups

Each graduate group has a chairperson who is responsible for:

  • Supervising graduate study in their graduate group
  • Ensuring that each graduate student is assigned a faculty advisor and mentor
  • Serving as the chair of the graduate group's executive committee
  • Serving as the official graduate group liaison to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Graduate and Research Council of the UC Merced Academic Senate