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Lecturer Evaluation Program

Lecturer Evaluations

Lecturer evaluations should be conducted by supervisors assigned to lecturer as notated in the lecturer's appointment letter and as agreed prior to the start of semester.  As part of the lecturer evaluation, supervisors should be conducting classroom observations that focus on the mechanics of the classroom instructions and interaction.  Lecturer evaluation forms should be completed as soon as possible following the end of the semester or academic year in which the review is conducted.  Supervisors should request to meet with their lecturer to review the evaluation.  The evaluations should be forwarded to SNS Personnel. Requests for copies of the evaluation should be forwarded to SNS Personnel.

To assist in the documentation of lecturer evaluations and classroom observations, use one of the available forms below.


The forms are fillable PDF documents that have required fields and the ability to submit the form through email.  However, some browsers, like Google Chrome, open PDF files directly in the browser and disables the full functionality of the form and the form will not be saved.  To ensure the forms full functionality please download and save the forms directly to your desktop and open the PDF via Adobe Reader.