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Independent Contractor Requests

Independent Contractor Hire Process 

If you are interested in hiring an Independent Contractor, please complete the documentation listed below. The contractor cannot begin work until they have been approved by HR. 

  • All documentation and questions should be submitted to the SNS personnel team at

  • The Independent Contractor Packet  will be completed by both the Hiring Manager and the proposed IC. Details listed below: 

    • Independent Contractor Prehire Information: To be completed by hiring manager. 

    • Contract Business Information: To be completed by proposed Independent Contractor. 

    • UCM Statement of Work: To be completed by hiring manager. 

    • Conflict of Interest Form: To be completed by proposed Contractor. 

  • If hiring a previously approved Independent Contractor, please use the following packet: Previously Approved IC Packet

  • When emailing the completed documents please provide the following: 

    • Funding Source: Please provide COA or an accurate description of the account. 

    • Resume/CV for your proposed contractor. 

    • Quote for the proposed work from your Independent Contractor. 


Here are some frequently asked questions: 

  • Who can be independent contractors? 

    • Bona fide business – sole proprietors or those who work for a company. 

  • How to verify an independent contractor? 

    • Business cards, letterhead, and office address, TIN. 

  • Who cannot be an independent contractor? 

    • Any student (from UCM or any other UC’S), GA, TA, Faculty or Staff in the last 18 months.  In addition, if there is a title code for the job being performed, it is not IC. 

  • How to handle International IC requests? 

    • The process is the same. 

  • Can we pay stipends instead? 

    • No, stipends are for UCM staff and not for work performed without a contract.  


Additional information regarding Independent Contractors can be found at