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Screening and Interviewing Postdoctoral Scholar Applicants

The Chair and Search Committee should work together to:

  • maintain evaluative consistency and fairness throughout the process
  • review and assess all initial applicant files using the same criteria formulated by the committee

Dispositioning is the process of assigning reasons why applicants did not move forward in the hiring process

  • the committee will need to review applications and designate whether applicants - "Meets" or "Does not Meet" basic qualifications as defined in the job posting
  • the committee/chair must mark all applicants as "Meets" or "Does not Meet" in AP Recruit

Once applicants have been determined as either meet or does not meet, further disposition must take place by:

  • updating the applicants status through AP Recruit by clicking on "manage" under that applicants name
  • the following options are: Not Complete, Serious Consideration, Recommended for Interview, Proposed Candidate, Offered, Accepted Offered, Hired, Withdrawn
  • applicants marked as "Serious Consideration" will appear on the Short List Report
  • all other applicants can be dispositioned by clicking on the "assign reasons"
  • Disposition reasons are an important component of the final Search Report and are required for all applicants on all recruitments. Dispositioning must be completed by the end of the recruitment.