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Initiating a Staff Recruitment

A step-by-step guide to initiating a new or replacement staff recruitment in the School of Natural Sciences at UC Merced. 

Step 1:
Initiate the recruitment process

Determine if there is a vacancy to be filled

Determine whether to recall, recruit, restructure or re-organize the position

Determine the appointment type - career, limited, or contract. For limited contract positions, see limited or contract employment toolkit

Verify with School of Natural Sciences Staff Personnel Specialist about valid full-time equivalent (FTE) and/or funding.


Step 2:
Create or Update Job Description                   

If it is a new position:

For non-represented positions:

  • Utilize Job Builder to determine the appropriate job required skills, knowledge and abilities (SKAs) for the position. Job Builder will create a job description based on your entries.
  • Share job description via Job Builder with SNS Staff Personnel Specialist.

For represented positions:

  • Access the Job Specifications website to determine the appropriate job classification based on job concepts.
  • Create the job description utilizing the Represented Staff Job Description Template.
  • Contact the SNS Staff Personnel Specialist when the position is ready to be classified. Upon approval of the classification, proceed to Step 3.

For a replacement:

  • Review the existing job description and identify changes. 
  • Ensure all appropriate updates have been made to the job description.
  • Share job description via Job Builder with SNS Staff Personnel Specialist.  (For represented positions, email SNS Staff Personnel Specialist with updated job description.



Step 3:
Job Posting                  

Provide SNS Staff Personnel Specialist with the following:

  • Funding source (Principal Investigator only)
  • Appointment percentage
  • Position Title (see Title Code System (TCS). Consult with SNS Staff Personnel Specialist if assistance is needed)
  • Anticipated start date
  • Anticipated end date (if applicable)
  • Preferred salary range (See PPSM 30 for information regarding salary restrictions)

Staff Personnel Specialist will submit Job Posting Request for advertising on standard (nonpaid) posting websites

Note: Job postings are based on information provided on recruitment request form and job description.