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How to Plan for a New Staff Member

A step by step guide to preparing for a newly hired staff employee. 

Step 1:
Prepare work station/

Determine the work location of the new employee

Work with SNS Staff Personnel Specialist to establish the new employee's

  • email address
  • door access

Contact to regarding the following: 

  • desk phone
  • network access and necessary equipment (including computer)

 Order business cards, supplies, etc. if necessary


Step 2:
Confirm Arrival

Two to three days prior to arrival, contact new hire to confirm: 

  • Arrival date and time
  • Directions to work site
  • Where to park, what entrance to use and who to ask for
  • Dress code, acceptable personal items and other unique protocols
  • Lunch options and plans for socialization event (recommended)


Step 3:
Coordinate Arrival activities                                                            

For external hires: SNS Staff Personnel Specialist will schedule an appointment with payroll and/or a LiveScan background check (if necessary).  SNS Staff Personnel Specialist will confirm the details with new employee. (Typically, no appointment is necessary for internal hires.)

Generate an appropriate training schedule for at least the first week.

  • Determine objectives/goals for the first day and who will assist the new employee. 
  • Set up meetings to introduce employee to any external department staff they may work with.

Prepare a New Employee Starter Kit, including but not limited to:

  • Detailed Job Description
  • Organizational Chart of his or her department and/or division or School
  • Procedural information on how to perform the job
  • Summary of the department’s mission statement, goals and a description of how the individual’s job fits with those goals.
  • Copies of higher-level strategic plans for the department, division, School and the University
  • UC Merced’s Mission Statement
  • Description of how job performance is measured, when job evaluations are done, etc.
  • Provide each new employee with a detailed 2 week training agenda
  • Schedule welcome meetings with dean (depends on unit of hire)

Schedule a welcoming staff meeting during the employee’s first day or week to acquaint the all team members, perhaps include a fun ice breaker to get everyone talking.  (Optional: schedule a campus tour with Visitors Center to acquaint the new employee to campus.)


Step 4:
probationary performance

Schedule a three month and six month probationary Halogen performance review (as applicable) at the employee’s start date.